ACEC is a national organization with 52 state and regional councils, called Member Organizations. ACEC Washington is the Member Organization for firms based in Washington state or have a satellite office in the state. Membership in ACEC is firm-based, which means if your firm is a member of ACEC, you are a member. Dues vary with the size of your firm and with each Member Organization.

Why Join ACEC Washington?

ACEC Washington aims to be the voice of the design professional industry, advocating for improved business conditions on behalf of our members. ACEC Washington also provides relevant and critical business education for firms within the industry. These events are geared to prepare and position firms competitively in their respective markets.


Being a member of ACEC benefits your firm in a multitude of ways. Legislative and committee advocacy efforts improve public-client relationships, pass industry-favorable laws, process improvements, and establish positive relationships with elected officials. Advocacy activities work at the local, state, and national levels.

A benefit clearly visible on your company's bottom line are the discounted ACEC Washington events. Every seminar, workshop, or conference offers discounted rates for members, including substantial discounts for our major events.

And finally, members of ACEC are offered an opportunity to have healthcare benefits provided through the member only trusts that save firms dramatically on benefit costs.

Membership Types

ACEC Washington offers three different membership types: Member, Associate Member, and Affiliate Member. Read more about the member types here.

Join Now

To start the process of joining ACEC, complete the Membership Application. Once approved, new members will receive information and a coupon book for free or discounted pricing for ACEC Washington events.