ACEC Washington lobbies on behalf of member firms to local and national governmental representatives, as well as through liaison committee activity. This advocacy is one of the most important things ACEC does to affect positive change in the professional engineering industry.  ACEC and AELC have defined the Priority Issues facing firms today.

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ACEC PAC Contributions

It is critical that the engineering industry be involved in the business of politics, and ACEC PAC is the industry's preeminent vehicle for political engagement. Governmental decisions on the issues that affect the engineering industry can have a decided impact on your business and the future success of our industry. Collectively we help to elect policy-makers who understand our concerns and who will be open-minded to our views.

Legislative Affairs Program

ACEC Washington's Legislative Affairs Program has been very effective in meeting the challenges that affect the profitability and marketability of consulting engineering firms. The Legislative Issues Committee works with ACEC members and other professionals in the industry to review, support and oppose legislation and policies that present challenges to Washington's business environment.

Architects & Engineers Legislative Council (AELC)

The Architects & Engineers Legislative Council (AELC) is a lobbying coalition of organizations serving the design professions.

The purpose of AELC is to work cooperatively on legislative objectives and issues for the improvement of business conditions through this joint legislative council. Chief Lobbyist for AELC is Christine Brewer and Kris Teft from Brewer Public Affairs.

Grassroots Advocacy

Each Legislative session our membership will be asked to contact their respective elected officials on behalf of the industry. Whether it's a favorable bill or a negative bill, at times ACEC will solicit reactions to proposed legislation.  Watch your email box for Legislative Alerts and please respond. The best method to influence your official is to tell them how this bill will affect your business.

QBS Issues

Running into Qualifications Based Selection issues? Email Van Collins with your concerns. ACEC Washington can inform agencies of the QBS policies of Washington State.