WSDOT Committee

The overarching mission includes the following: 1. Education – to educate each other about our business plans and other areas of expertise. 2. Collaborative problem solving – to identify the challenges that require collective efforts and lay out a plan of action to solve them. Also to work together for improvements to project delivery and business practices that enhances public confidence in the transportation industry. 3. Strategic Leadership – to work together to develop some long-term visions for the transportation industry.


Current Issues

Pending changes to WSDOT’s standard contract Consultant Audits State Transportation Package

Meeting Summaries


Committee Roster

Jeff Carpenter – WSDOT State Design Engineer (co-chair)
Linea Laird-ACEC/WSP (co-chair)
Kevin Dayton – WSDOT Deputy Secretary
Van Collins-ACEC
Ahmer Nizam – WSDOT Business Administration
Richard Patterson- ACEC/Stantec
Lorena Eng – WSDOT NW Region Administrator
Kevin Collins- ACEC/HNTB
John Wynands – WSDOT – Olympic Region Administrator
Jilma Jimenez- ACEC/Jacobs
Marshal Elizer – WSDOT Asst Secretary M2D2
Carole Leigh- ACEC/Shannon & Wilson


Bridge and Structures Subcommittee

WSDOT site
Jeri Bernstein – WSDOT/WSF (sub-comm co-chair)
Paul Brallier – ACEC/HNTB (sub-comm co-chair)
Tony Allen – WSDOT State Geotechnical Engineer
Chester Werts – ACEC/HDR
Jed Bingle – WSDOT Bridge and Structures
Paul Gunther – ACEC/COWI
Brian Aldrich – WSDOT HQ Bridge Construction
Mathew Lengyel – ACEC/Figg Engineers
Luong Tran – WSDOT Bridge and Structures
Joan Zhong-Brisbois – ACEC/WSP
Evan Grimme – WSDOT Bridge and Structures
Eric Herzstein – ACEC/Parsons
Michael Rosa – WSDOT Bridge and Structures
Daniel Campbell – ACEC/GeoEngineers

Business Administration Subcommittee

Ahmer Nizam – WSDOT Business Administration (sub-comm co-chair)
Santosh Kuruvilla – ACEC/Exeltech (sub-comm co-chair)
Erik Jonson – WSDOT Consultant Services
Crystal Donner – ACEC/Perteet
John Ho – WSDOT
David James – ACEC/Clark Nuber
Meg Blau – WSDOT NW Region Consultant Services Liaison
Laura Skillings – ACEC/Skillings Connolly
Schatzie Harvey – WSDOT
Brian Marquette – WSDOT

Design/Build Subcommittee

WSDOT Design/Build site
Ben Upsall – ACEC/GeoEngineers
Eric Ostfeld – ACEC/Parsons
Eric Crowe – ACEC/Jacobs
Manish Rohila – ACEC/Rohila
Richard Patterson – ACEC/Stantec
Scotty Ireland – ACEC/KBA
John Updike – ACEC/AECOM

Project Delivery Subcommittee

Mike Flemming – WSDOT Asst State Design Engineer (sub-comm co-chair)
Suryata Halim – ACEC/WSP (sub-comm co-chair)
Dave Bierschbach – WSDOT
Rick Door – ACEC/JUB
Mike Frucci – WSDOT Eastern Region
Tom McDonald – ACEC/Jacobs
Cathy George – WSDOT Sno-King Connecting Washington
Scott White – ACEC/Confluence
Bill James – WSDOT
Steve Olling – ACEC/Parametrix
Ron Landon – WSDOT Olympic Region Program Manager
Lisa Reid – ACEC/SCJ Alliance
Gordon Roycroft – ACEC/HDR
Lei Lu – WSDOT
Brian White – WSDOT
John Donahue – WSDOT

Committee Archives