WSDOT Committee

The overarching mission includes the following: 1. Education – to educate each other about our business plans and other areas of expertise. 2. Collaborative problem solving – to identify the challenges that require collective efforts and lay out a plan of action to solve them. Also to work together for improvements to project delivery and business practices that enhances public confidence in the transportation industry. 3. Strategic Leadership – to work together to develop some long-term visions for the transportation industry.


Committee Charters and Meeting Summaries

WSDOT has published a website page that provides the Executive Committee and Subcommittee Charters as well as the meeting summaries for the Executive Committee and each of the subcommittees.

Committee Charters and Meeting Summaries

Executive Committee Roster

Steve Roark – WSDOT State Design Engineer (co-chair)
Linea Laird-ACEC/WSP (co-chair)
Kevin Dayton – WSDOT Deputy Secretary
Van Collins-ACEC
Ahmer Nizam – WSDOT Business Administration
Richard Patterson- ACEC/Stantec
Lorena Eng – WSDOT NW Region Administrator
Kevin Collins- ACEC/HNTB
John Wynands – WSDOT – Olympic Region Administrator
Jilma Jimenez- ACEC/Jacobs
Marshal Elizer – WSDOT Asst Secretary M2D2
Carole Leigh- ACEC/Shannon & Wilson


Bridge and Structures Subcommittee

Jeri Bernstein – WSDOT/WSF (sub-comm co-chair)
Paul Brallier – ACEC/HNTB (sub-comm co-chair)
Tony Allen – WSDOT State Geotechnical Engineer
Chester Werts – ACEC/HDR
Jed Bingle – WSDOT Bridge and Structures
Paul Gunther – ACEC/COWI
Brian Aldrich – WSDOT HQ Bridge Construction
Mathew Lengyel – ACEC/Figg Engineers
Luong Tran – WSDOT Bridge and Structures
Joan Zhong-Brisbois – ACEC/WSP
Evan Grimme – WSDOT Bridge and Structures
Eric Herzstein – ACEC/Parsons
Michael Rosa – WSDOT Bridge and Structures
Daniel Campbell – ACEC/GeoEngineers

Business Administration Subcommittee

Ahmer Nizam – WSDOT Business Administration (sub-comm co-chair)
Santosh Kuruvilla – ACEC/Exeltech (sub-comm co-chair)
Erik Jonson – WSDOT Consultant Services
Crystal Donner – ACEC/Perteet
John Ho – WSDOT
David James – ACEC/Clark Nuber
Meg Blau – WSDOT NW Region Consultant Services Liaison
Laura Skillings – ACEC/Skillings Connolly
Schatzie Harvey – WSDOT
Brian Marquette – WSDOT

Design/Build Subcommittee

Ben Upsall – ACEC/GeoEngineers
Eric Ostfeld – ACEC/Parsons
Eric Crowe – ACEC/Jacobs
Manish Rohila – ACEC/Rohila
Richard Patterson – ACEC/Stantec
Scotty Ireland – ACEC/KBA
John Updike – ACEC/AECOM

Project Delivery Subcommittee

Mike Flemming – WSDOT Asst State Design Engineer (sub-comm co-chair)
Suryata Halim – ACEC/WSP (sub-comm co-chair)
Dave Bierschbach – WSDOT
Rick Door – ACEC/JUB
Mike Frucci – WSDOT Eastern Region
Tom McDonald – ACEC/Jacobs
Cathy George – WSDOT Sno-King Connecting Washington
Scott White – ACEC/Confluence
Bill James – WSDOT
Steve Olling – ACEC/Parametrix
Ron Landon – WSDOT Olympic Region Program Manager
Lisa Reid – ACEC/SCJ Alliance
Gordon Roycroft – ACEC/HDR
Lei Lu – WSDOT
Brian White – WSDOT
John Donahue – WSDOT

Committee Archives