WSDOT Committee

The overarching mission includes the following: 1. Education to educate each other about our business plans and other areas of expertise. 2. Collaborative problem solving to identify the challenges that require collective efforts and layout a plan of action to solve them. Also to work together for improvements to project delivery and business practices that enhance public confidence in the transportation industry. 3. Strategic Leadership to work together to develop some long-term visions for the transportation industry.

Committee Charters and Meeting Summaries

WSDOT has published a website page that provides the Executive Committee and Subcommittee Charters as well as the meeting summaries for the Executive Committee and each of the subcommittees.

Committee Charters and Meeting Summaries

Executive Committee Roster

WSDOT Members ACEC Members
Mark Gaines - WSDOT Development Division Director (co-chair) Linea Laird - ACEC/WSP (co-chair)
Mike Gribner - WSDOT Asst. Sec. for Regions, Chief Engineer Van Collins - ACEC
Marshall Elizer - WSDOT Asst. Sec., Multimodal Development and Delivery Richard Patterson - ACEC/David Evans
Kerri Woehler - WSDOT Dep. Asst. Sec., Multimodal Development and Delivery Jilma Jimenez - ACEC/Jacobs
Steve Roark - WSDOT Regional Administrator for Olympic Region Peter DeBolt - ACEC/Perteet
Jay Drye, WSDOT Local Programs Manager


Bridge and Structures Subcommittee

WSDOT Members ACEC Members
Evan Grimm, Bridge Design (Co-Chair) Joan Zhong-Brisbois, Jacobs (Co-Chair)
Katie Olleman, Bridge Design Lee Andrews, HDR
Doug Olson, Bridge Design Matt Barber, WSP
Richard Brice, Bridge Design Matt Baughman, COWI
Scott Sargent, Bridge Design Stan Boyle, Shannon & Wilson
Jeri Bernstein, WS Ferries Brice Exley, Hart Crowser
Julie Heilman, Hydraulics Eric Herzstein, Parsons
Andrew Fiske, Geotech Yang Jiang, HNTB
Scott Phelan, CapRock

Business Administration Subcommittee

WSDOT Members ACEC Members
Erik Jonson Technical Services Manager (Chair) Ron Paananen – HDR (Co-Chair)
Kyle McKeon Local Programs Engineering Manager Santosh Kuruvilla – Exeltech
Schatzie Harvey Contract Services Manager Crystal Donner – Perteet
Jarron Elter Compliance Audit Manager Josh Grenzsund - Dowl
WSDOT Region rotational appointment (2 members) Laura Skillings - Skillings
    Alan Chan
    Gary Langrock

Design/Build Subcommittee

ACEC Members: AGC Members: WSDOT Members:
Richard Patterson, David Evans Phil Larson, Guy F. Atkinson Ricky Bhalla, Olympic Region
Eric Ostfeld, Michael Baker Nick Lupo, Granite Inc. Evelyn Pao, Northwest Region-405
Eric Crowe, Jacobs Engineering Karen Dorsey, Aecon John Chi, Northwest Region
Ben Upsall, GeoEngineers Geoff Owen, Kiewit Sharif Shaklawum, Northwest Region-405
Catherine Hovel, HNTB CJ Handforth, IMCO Ghassan Sabboubeh, Northwest Region
Bill Jordan, OSG Zach Adams, Max Kuney Jim Farris, Northwest Region-520
Jon Turcott, Pace Engineering Phil Wallace, Kiewit Julia Mizuhata, Northwest Region-520
Bryan Williams, WSP Chris Stack, Graham Guy Bowman, Office of Attorney General
Ryan Gulick (SME), Perteet Steve Agor, Skanska Whitney White, HQ Construction
Don Oates (SME), KPFF Jerry Vanderwood, AGC Bob Hooker, South Central Region
Jeaninne Ryan (SME), USI Doug Darwood, South Central Region
Mike Root (SME), David Evans Brenden Clarke, Olympic Region
Kevin Collins, Transpo Group Eric Trupiano, Northwest Region
Mo Sheikhizadeh (SME), Tran Tech Jim Cuthberston, HQ Construction
Jolena Missildine, Northwest Region-405
Tammy Binschus, HQ Construction
Melanie Baldwin, HQ Construction
Joanna Lowrey, HQ Design
Chris Christopher, HQ Construction
Chris Tams, HQ Construction
Art McCluskey, ~ HQ Construction

Project Delivery Subcommittee

WSDOT Members ACEC Members
Kevin Miller, HQ Design (Co-Chair) Steve Olling, PMX (Co-Chair)
Michael Fleming, HQ Design Lisa Reid, SCJ Alliance
Cesar Mayor, WSF Ben Hoppe, JUB
Amir Rasaie, NWR Daniel Babuca, WSP
Brian White, SCR Don Sims, HNTB
Chad Hancock, SWR Heather Weeks, Jacobs
Chris Keifenheim , NCR Manuel Feliberti , DEA
Joseph Perez, OR Suryata Halim, RHC Eng.
Larry Larson, ER