WSDOT Committee

The overarching mission includes the following: 1. Education – to educate each other about our business plans and other areas of expertise. 2. Collaborative problem solving – to identify the challenges that require collective efforts and lay out a plan of action to solve them. Also to work together for improvements to project delivery and business practices that enhances public confidence in the transportation industry. 3. Strategic Leadership – to work together to develop some long-term visions for the transportation industry.


Current Issues

Pending changes to WSDOT’s standard contract Consultant Audits State Transportation Package

Meeting Summaries


Committee Roster

ACEC Members:
Lindsay Yamane, Parametrix, Co-Chair
Don Nelson, Jacobs Engineering
Richard Patterson, Buckland & Taylor
Carole Leigh, Shannon & Wilson
Jim Thomson, HNTB
Van Collins, ACEC-WA
WSDOT Members
Pasco Bakotich, Co-Chair
Linea Laird
Keith Metcalf
Kyle McKeon
Lorena Eng
Kevin Dayton


Bridge and Structures Subcommittee

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Business Administration Subcommittee

Audits of WSDOT Consultant FAQs (WSDOT site)
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Design/Build Subcommittee

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Project Delivery Subcommittee

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