Liaison Committees

WSDOT/ACEC Committee

Committee Purpose:bEducation – to educate each other about our business plans and other areas of expertise.
Collaborative problem solving – to identify the challenges that require collective efforts and lay out a plan of action to solve them. Also to work together for improvements to project delivery and business practices that enhances public confidence in the transportation industry.Strategic Leadership – to work together to develop some long-term visions for the transportation industry.

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City of Seattle/ACEC Committee

Committee Purpose: Strengthen mutual understanding and respect and create a forum that promotes proactive resolution of challenges and maximizing opportunities of interest to both the City and Consulting Profession.

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Port of Seattle/ACEC Committee

Committee Purpose: To provide a forum for addressing issues of common interest.

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Sound Transit/ACEC Committee

Committee Purpose: Engage in collaborative problem solving as equal partners, achieving true success through long-term, sustainable solutions that satisfy the interests of both.

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King County/ACEC Committee

Committee Purpose: Provide a forum for addressing issues of common interest between the County and Consulting Profession. Both parties recognize the critical need for a strong partnership between the consulting engineering community and King County. The focus of our collective efforts is to delivery high-quality, cost-effective infrastructure projects to the public in the most effective manner possible. This partnership must be based on mutual trust and a commitment to open communication and proactive resolution of issues as they arise.

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AEA Committee

Committee Purpose: The AEA Committee is to foster effective working relationships between A/E consulting firms and the State of Washington contracting authorities that oversee the design and construction of buildings.

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