Delivery of Accelerated Bridge Construction WSDOT Workshop

Washington State Department of Department of Transportation

Bridge and Structures Office

7345 Linderson Way Southwest

Tumwater, Washington 98501

Conference Room 1028

 Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Workshop Description

This one-day Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) workshop is sponsored by the Washington State Department of Transportation.  The workshop will provide an opportunity for exchange of the latest information and demonstrate technologies for delivering bridge construction projects in days, rather than months, for reducing congestion, improving safety and increasing the quality of highway bridges.


Why Attend?

The Washington State DOT is interested in adopting new technologies and practices to deliver highway bridge construction projects that significantly reduce the impacts on the traveling public and generate cost savings.   ABC technologies and Prefabricated Bridge Elements (PFBEs) are being used across the nation to reduce traffic congestion, increase work zone safety, and provide longer-lasting and more durable bridges with the focus on “Get in, get out, and stay out”.   The Washington State DOT is offering this workshop to showcase these innovative technologies to State, local agency, and industry transportation specialists and decision-makers.  The goals are to increase utilization of these technologies, to reduce or eliminate work zone traffic delays and increase highway safety on new and replacement bridge projects.

The workshop will provide information on the tools and techniques that are currently available for engineers and project planners to implement ABC and PFBE technologies, showcase successful ABC projects, and illustrate and discuss frameworks and procedures that can be used to deploy ABC technologies.  It is intended a forum for the exchange of ideas that will encourage the implementation of these technologies, and will include panel discussions among DOT, consultant, contractor and fabricator professionals highlighting their viewpoints on ways to build projects better and faster.  The workshop will be of primary value to State and local agency bridge-owners, State, and consultant highway bridge design engineers, and bridge construction contractors, universities, and fabricators.


Workshop Agenda

Moderator: Professor John Stanton, University of Washington

7:30 -8:00 am Registration
8:00 – 8:20 am Welcome and Introductions
8:15 – 9:45 AM Presentations (4)
9:40- 10:00 AM BREAK
10:00 -11:20 am Presentations (4)
11:30 am-12:00 pm Panel Discussion-1: FHWA, NCHRP, DOT, University, Industry, Consultants: Viewpoints for Implementing ABC – (Moderator: Dr. Lee Marsh, BergerABAM)
12:00 – 1:00 pm LUNCH  – Luncheon Presentation:
1:00 – 2:40 pm Presentations (5)
2:40 – 3:00 pm BREAK
3:00 -4:00 pm Panel Discussion-2: FHWA, NCHRP, DOT, University, Industry, Consultants: Viewpoints for Implementing ABC – (Moderator: Mark Gaines-WSDOT)
4:00 PM Tom Baker – WSDOT: Next Step, Audience Discussion, and Closing Remarks
4:30 PM Adjourn



The workshop is free of charge to those attending, but is offered on a ‘reservation-only’ basis and limited to seating availability.  Please submit your reservation requests by March 1, 2015 to: Theron Sherman at:


Call Title: Topics of interest include: Innovative Materials, Decision Making Tools, ABC in Seismic Regions, Life Cycle Cost, Substructure and Foundation, Prefabricated Elements and Systems, Construction Techniques for ABC, Planning and Procurement, Constructability, Cost Comparison (ABC versus Traditional), Heavy Moves, and Public Outreach.


Please submit your Abstract/presentation requests by March 1, 2015 to Geoff Swett, PE SE at:

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