Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce Launches 3rd Annual Job Sector Survey

I am writing to encourage ACEC Members to participate in the 3rd Annual Job Sector Survey (JSS). Participation is a snap! Just click here – Job Sector Survey. The Job Sector Survey (JSS) is an annual, one-of-a kind tool that provides a comprehensive, on-the-ground assessment of conditions, challenges, needs and opportunities for regional employers of all types and sizes. JSS is a cooperative project led by economic development organizations in King, Kitsap, Pierce, and Snohomish counties. Through this survey regional leaders hope to gain insights that will help create prosperity for all businesses and a job-growing economy.

JSS represents a unique and valuable opportunity to bring the voice of business to all regional stakeholders. Last year, the survey received nearly 1,700 responses in 15 industry sectors, providing a wealth of information that we were able to share with elected officials, policymakers, education leaders, economic development organizations and the general public. The results were reported in major news outlets and personally shared with regional policymakers at all levels of government— from city and county councils to the Washington State Legislature and the U.S. Senate.

Over the past two years, the Job Sector Survey has revealed:

  • Business aspirations by county, city, employment sector and size
  • Details about skills needed by specific types of employers
  • Insights into prominent trading partners and goods
  • Examples of obstacles to success by type and size of business

We want you to be a part of the next JSS report.

– Bill Garrity | ACEC Washington President/CEO