Meet ACEC Washington New Member – Glapin Milphrey

Glapin Milphrey is a new ACEC Washington Associate Member, providing services in Architectural Metrology. We’ve pulled some information from Glapin Milphrey’s website to introduce the newest member to ACEC Washington.

About Glapin Milphrey

We began experimenting with building information modeling in the late 1990’s, with Bentley’s Microstation Triforma, and then REVIT. While Autodesk re-visioned the AutoCAD platform to the database-driven intelligent systems, our attention was focused on collection of spatial data. In the early 2000’s, Leica developed and brought to market the ScanStation, and Cyclone point-cloud software. For the first time, design professionals had access to location-specific, 3D spatial scans – a revolutionary development – but we had to contend with datasets of millions of points. Today, we believe the optimal solution is selective point cloud mapping, using image-assisted techniques, and robotic technology. We have world-class equipment, and provide our customers improved speed, quality, and significant labor reduction benefits.

Glapin Milphrey’s Approach

We believe our customers want their BIM systems to improve their designs, and to show a reduced cost. Most professionals report BIM costs more than the earlier CAD applications which did not have capability for ‘intelligent’ objects.

Engineers and Architects hire us very early in the project process – we always produce substantial labor savings for our customers, while achieving a much improved BIM.

Glapin Milphrey’s Mission

Our objective is to help our clients to improve their BIM workflows by rapidly collecting spatial data on as many projects as feasible within our capabilities, at a high degree of resolution.

We are reinventing measurement techniques each and every day. Our technology blows our new customers away. We are committed to develop and perfect the science of structures measurement, and to be true to the principles of descriptive geometry, mathematics, and of sound practice.