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2016 ACEC Washington/Oregon Fall Conference

On September 8th to 10th members of ACEC Washington and ACEC Oregon met at the Marcus Whitman Hotel in Walla Walla, WA, with Brad Hermanson from Hermanson Consulting presenting the topic of decision making. Brad Hermandson delivered a day-long presentation on “Building a Better Brain:  Improving Your Decision Making”.  The workshop’s learning objectives included becoming more

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Future Events for the 2013-2014 Calendar

As we get underway with the start of another sold-out Core Competencies for Professionals course, there are many events worth noting on the calendar for the upcoming 2013-2014 Event Calendar. For the Fall, here are the upcoming events: September 4 –  Business Practice Breakfast “Trickle Down Employment Worries” with Alan Schuchman, Skellenger Bender. September 12-14

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