About ACEC

What We Do

American Council of Engineering Companies of Washington (ACEC Washington) is the professional trade association representing consulting engineering firms, land surveyors, planners, and scientists in all engineering disciplines throughout Washington. ACEC’s members are responsible for the design of public and private projects, including roads, bridges, schools, office buildings, infrastructure, technology, industrial facilities, environmental clean-up — any activity in the built environment that affects our lives and livelihood.

ACEC Washington offers many key elements for improving the consulting industry. The primary focus of ACEC Washington is the advancement of the industry in the public arena and equipping consultants with business training. To accomplish these purposes, the Council provides information through specific functions.


ACEC Washington provides the voice of the consulting industry at the Federal, State, and local levels. This encompasses testifying, lobbying, and meeting with government officials to reach a common purpose to improve the industry and the lives of the citizens of Washington. Advocating the issues facing the consulting industry requires involvement from all design professionals. Get connected in the advocacy section.


Outside of direct government response and lobbying, ACEC Washington also is involved with various liaison committees that represent agencies from the State, cities, counties, and municipalities where ACEC Member Firms do business. Committees present an open forum between clients and design professionals and cover common issues to improve partnerships.

Events & Training

ACEC Washington offers several business programs to equip and train consultants in the fast-paced business environment. ACEC Washington presents events ranging from short, focused topical meetings and in-depth day long seminars to a year-long professional development course. ACEC Washington also holds bi-annual conferences across the state for members.


To disseminate news, offer event recaps, and provide other information, ACEC Washington uses various outlets to share relevant news.The blog IMPACT offer members the latest ACEC news. Additionally, ACEC Washington has a social media presence on Twitter and LinkedIn.